Wednesday, September 08, 2004


As a part time keeper myself, I usually don't get how people can call them mad, although there probably is something missing with regard to David James. I had to laugh when, on SkySportsNews, they mentioned that "Dean Kiely feels that David James is still England's No1 keeper".

Now, don't forget, Kiely is still one of the better keepers in the land. He has given us many points over the past couple of seasons, and no doubt he will continue to do this as long as he plays for us. But surely he must be kidding when he mentions "David James" and "best England keeper" without a little Irish bias coming into it.

But I do however admit that David James HAS to start tonight. This isn't because he is the best option to Sven, but more to do with the lack of experience of Robinson and Green. My thoughts is that this should be James' swansong, and we can then put Robinson in goal for the foreseeable future. And although that may mean 2 Spurs players in the England team, I can only hope that in the after-match warm down they both get injured. You never know, maybe then Traitor and Spotty can have a chat about how good they are for England (oops, only one of them can do that).

I wish James the best of luck tonight, although I point out that readers of the Sun (yea, I know they aren't the brightest) feel that a donkey could do better than James.......but I thought Kishishev was Bulgarian.......

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Year of the Kev

Kevin Lisbie. The main subject of many a disagreement between Addicks throughout the land. But why? Clearly, he hasn't achieved the goal scoring averages of a Clive or Derek, but this lad is still one of the better strikers at the club.

I've had a feeling that this could be the year where Super Kev shoves the critics words right back at them. He was so close to doing that last year, but injuries just as he was reaching form set him back (the curse of the physios returns!). But at least he feels as though this could be his time as well.

"Personally, I've always thought that this could be my season and if I play as well as I can then I know I'll be in the side. It's just a matter of getting the goals."

Well, he knows what he needs to be doing then; scoring goals. Bit of a shame that his record is so poor when you look at it, but if you don't include sub appearances, then he averages around 1 in 3 games. If we say that every sub appearance for Super Kev was around 20 minutes long, and take each start as 80 minutes, then we see that he scores a goal every 5 and a half hours of football. Now although the aren't the most accurate stats, or impressive, with the right partner, these figures could really improve.

"We try to learn from each other in training with Franny looking at the way I hold the ball up and me admiring his finishing. It's something that I could bring to my game and hopefully it'll come soon."

If this can continue to develop, we could see our 20 goal a season striker being either one of these strikers, with the other likely to rake in a few goals as well. Can you imagine where we could finish with 2 strikers who score nearly every game?!? So I'd like to hope that these two can benefit from each other, and you never know, we might even all agree on Kevin Lisbie deserving to play for Charlton at the end of the season. No? Ah well, you can only try!

Monday, September 06, 2004


Now this comes off the back of the recent sacking of Paul Sturrock and Bobby Robson, as well as the Sven situation at England. In the summer, players have a break, along with the majority of fans, from the lengths of the season. Managers rarely have the chance to do this, now more than ever due to the transfer window limiting the amount of time they have to sign a player (but we can complain about this at a later stage). This means that they often only get to have 2-4 weeks off a year from football.

We are only 4 games into the new season, but already Sturrock and Robson are jobless, with reports suggesting Souness has quit Ewood Park for the comforts of Newcastle. Now although the starts for Saints and Newcastle haven't been the greatest in respect to their final position last year, how the chairman/board of either club can justify sacking the manager this early is mad.

In this day and age, results are all that clubs can be judged on (no matter how much Spurs fans want to argue that crowds and "reputation" matters to the results on the pitch). Now, with a club like Newcastle, I can understand how they may feel that a new manager may be the ticket to bringing back something resembling the "glory days". But when you look at Southampton's recent record, before the Strachan revolution, they were fighting relegation. Granted, they have played in Europe and finished well above their usual 17th place of 5 years back, but even the most ardent fan cannot say that Sturrock deserved to get sacked. After all, they have only given him a few months to try and mould the club into something that resembles his own ideas.

I also am worried over the perceived power of the modern day manager. Recently, we had Sven-gate, which although was nothing to do with football and results, threatened his job. And rightly so in my opinion. The guy is employed as a manager to win things, and anything that could disrupt this from his personal live has to be monitored, especially when we have "only" reached the quarters of the last 2 competitions. And there is now an estimated £12million clause that Sven will get if he is sacked. Now excuse me for not understanding football contracts that well, but its my view that if somebody is rightfully sacked, then they are entitled to no compensation. So if we sack Sven for losing against Poland, or not taking 6 points out of 6, how can he then come back and ask us for £12million when he has won nothing? He says he has no intention of quitting, and neither would I if I had that kind of a contract in place.

Sure, a manager is important to a team, but they aren't the only person who has a hand in the success of the team. And you don't hear much about coaches on millions of pounds a year. Ah well, this is just 1 of the things in football that I needed to talk about. Now that is done, back to arguing about Lisbie and his goal scoring abilities. (this could be a long one!)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

We hate Carl

anybody else hate Carl? Club Me

The age old topic...Atmosphere at The Valley

Once again, this topic has arose, this time being found on the cafc-fans site. I have only ever had a season ticket in the north (unless you count the few months spent in the Jimmy Seed stand whilst the north upper was completed), but having sat in the east and west on numerous occasions whilst in Division 1 it does seem that the atmosphere has dropped in previous years. There are a few theories to this, which I'm sure will differ from fan to fan, but I believe it is due to the success of the team.
I recently watched the Pompey - Fulham game (in which I don't remember Jensen making a tackle, but some things can't be changed), and the atmosphere reminded me of The Valley back when we were in Division 1 and in the early days of the Premiership. When a goal went in, the place went wild for the next 5 to 10 minutes. But now, the reaction is one of joy, quickly followed by the majority reaching for their chairs before the action has restarted. With Pompey, they are still enjoying the experience of being in the Premiership (no disrespect). We were once like this, but now it seems to me that we are used to winning and playing against certain teams with a higher level of expectations.
(And although it seems as though I am having a go, I am a very optimistic Addick, just wishing for success).
In past seasons, it was always mentioned that the crowd could be the "twelfth man". For the Pompey match, this wasn't the case, but I feel as though this may have been contributed to by the non-appearance of the drums. As soon as they had returned for Villa, The Valley began rocking again, which showed in the performance.

(a good chorus of..) we are the M block, we are the M block.......

Once again, the reasons for defeat against Man City are still not given.


Austria 2-2 England. Where to start? Our seemed inability to finish off a team that is so much lower than us in the rankings that they don't usually get a look in with a team like England. And they don't, unless u play with a keeper like David James. Just why is he in the team, now that we have an excellent keeper in Paul Robinson. And I would advise Sven (if he's still there) to play him quickly before Spurs can do any damage to him.
Our defence looked amazingly weak yesterday, and although nobody played poorly, we once again had an average day in defence. I think that King won't get a game for much longer, what with Sol and Rio returning soon. Which is a shame, seeing as how he played so well against France in the Euros. Gary Neville played alright yesterday, and provided some much needed width, but I think it may be time to try out Johnson in that role. He has pace, can cross and looks like the perfect aid to the lack of speed on the right. Ashley Cole and Wayne Bridge interlinked well on the left, with Gerrard and Lampard controlling the middle.
One thing that I would like to see is Beckham being dropped. Yes, I know it's controversial, but what can he bring to the team that isn't allready there? Yes he can pass well, but so can Gerrard. He can cross the ball; again, so can Gerrard and Wright-Phillips. He can't tackle, or go past people and cross from the by-line. And although he is captain, there are other possibilities to this job, with my preference of Campbell being 1st. We need to show that no player is capable of a place in the team no matter how poorly they play, which seems to be the case with Beckham and Owen (who I also feel should be dropped).
My preference for the team would be.....
Robinson, Johnson, Terry, Campbell, Cole, Wright-Phillips, Gerrard, Lampard, Bridge, Defoe, Rooney.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Not as bad as it seems

4 games...6 points. A decent start, given that it places us above Man Utd, Liverpool and Newcastle, and the longer this goes on for the better. At first glance, the fixtures given to us at the start of the season looked as though they may not have fallen kinder for us. However, with an increase in the amount of transfers, and the quality of some of these, to the so called "mid-table" clubs, maybe the defeats to Bolton and Manchester City shouldn't come as such a surprise to addicks.
Jeffers, Rommedahl and Murphy are all going to take time to settle, and it makes a bit more sense that they will not be up to their full game as of yet (although I cant wait to see romm running full pelt vs the palace defence!). But even with the new players not playing to their full potential yet, we have seen enough of them to warrant a place in the team. Only time will tell if they can continue after their honeymoon period has elapsed.